Introducing Our Company

OARSMANNS MARITIME SERVICES LTD is committed to strict safety standards in line with international standards as it relates to Seafarers and general maritime labour without compromising the efficiency of seafarer dedication to duty since its commencement of operations, Oarsmanns Maritime Services Limited has made its impact by its ability to smoothly handle a number of challenging contracts / projects in the Marine Sector of the Oil and Gas industry in the area of crew provision.

The success of this relationship with our clients has raised company’s profile and made it one of the front runners in the industry. The reason for this level of performance is not farfetched. The company meets the quality standards expected by clients and a commensurate acceptance by the crew, unions, and various host communities.

She has a quality management system where staff are educated in the importance of quality and there is continuous monitoring of performance for improvement.
At Oarsmanns Maritime Services,

We Never Rest On Our Oars!

Oarsmanns Maritime:
The 2014 International Star for Quality Award Winner.
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